Empowering families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
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Thanks to funding from West Sussex County Council, Reaching Families have designed a number of animations on various issues related to children with SEND. We hope this novel method of delivery will help in reaching parents of children who may not be able to attend training or who enjoy receiving information in a visual format. Feedback on the animations listed below has been very positive. Over time we hope to publish more. If parents or professionals have any ideas for future content to this series please let us know at admin@reachingfamilies.org.uk.

Reaching Families' Services

DLA Myth Busting

Helping children understand
an Autism assessment


Handling Stress &
Building Resilience

Making Sense of
Sensory Issues

Making Sense of
Challenging Behaviour

Making Sense of Personalisation
and Personal Budgets

A Journey Through CAMHS

Parent Testimonials